Membership in SSMA

The Value of SSMA

  • Industry's most recognized third party certification program
  • SSMA is widely recognized by architects and engineers as THE high quality brand
  • Sponsored research projects to keep steel framing competitive
  • The largest, most recognized association of framing manufacturers in the U.S.
  • Specify, buy and install with confidence using SSMA products
  • Structural Compliance Program certifying to IBC 2009
  • Drywall Compliance Program certifying to IBC 2009
  • AIA specification approval (listing in MasterSpec)
  • Web listing of member manufacturers in good standing
  • Membership available to Manufacturers and Associates


Full members (voting) shall be firms or corporations in the business of manufacturing by roll forming cold-formed steel studs, joist, or track framing members or related sheet steel accessory items for sale to the residential and/or commercial construction markets; shall have the capacity to roll 18 mil through 68 mil; and shall have engineering services either on staff or by contract. In addition to meeting the above requirements, candidates for full membership must meet one of the following qualifications:

(a) that firm or corporation shall roll form manufacture cold-formed 33 – 68 mil steel stud, joist, or track framing for commercial sale and have existing approval(s) from a national or regional code agency (i.e., ICBO ES Report or ICC-ES Report), and shall utilize and be in compliance with a quality control manual which meets SSMA Quality Control Manual requirements, or:

(b) that firm or corporation shall have at least two years’ experience in the roll form manufacturing of cold-formed 33 – 68 mil steel stud, joist, or track framing members or related sheet steel accessory items for commercial sale and, at a minimum, meet all the requirements of the national code agency, which the corporation has agreed to follow, including utilizing and being in compliance with a quality control manual which meets SSMA Quality Control Manual requirements. Firms or companies accepted for Full membership shall manufacture products conforming to the Corporation’s Quality Control Procedures upon their development and approval by the Corporation. Each member shall remain in good standing with the appropriate code agency or be subject to termination of membership by the Corporation. Those having code agency approval for products with the same profile contained in the Corporation’s approved national code agency report shall only use the identical technical data and nomenclature of the Corporation if they elect to maintain their individual code agency approval and/or quality control manual.


As a condition of joining the corporation, applicants for full membership shall be required to pay an administrative fee the amount of which shall be determined and published from time to time by the Board of Directors. The current administrative fee is $5,000. Full members pay annual dues based on the Board approved annual operating budget.

Full members pay an equal share determined by dividing the annual operating budget by the total number of full members.

Project spending, approved by the membership, is funded by assessments. The amount of each Full member’s assessment is determined by annual sales volume of cold-formed steel stud, joist or track framing members, confidentially declared by each member, in accordance with the following schedule:

    Annual Sales Volume of Member      Weight   
$0 to - $10 million    1
$10 million to - $40 million    2
$40 million to - $75 million    3
$75 million - $150 million    4
$150 million - $350 million    5
$350 million - $550 million    6
$550 and greater    7



An application for Full Membership is to be submitted to SSMA headquarters in writing on this form and must be accompanied by a check for the required administrative fee. Upon receipt of an application, an inspection visit is to be arranged and conducted by the SSMA Technical Director. Following such inspection visit, a copy of the application, with sales volume information removed, and an inspection visit report shall be forwarded for consideration and approval by the Board of Directors. A vote on membership approval may be conducted at a Board meeting or by mail ballot. In cases where an applicant does not qualify for membership, the administrative fee, less a $1,000 processing fee and the actual travel expenses for the inspection visit, shall be returned to the applicant.

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Associate Membership and Dues

Associate members (non-voting) shall be firms or corporations, which supply materials and services used by Full members (or firms that qualify for Full membership). Firms which qualify for Full membership may not join the Association as an Associate Member. Associate membership dues are currently $2,500 per year.

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